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Did you recently have an office party that got a little too crazy? Are you looking to finally patch up the wall that the dartboard used to hang on? Or, maybe you just bought a fixer-upper and the walls could use some professional patchwork. Have no fear in Reno, NV. Sir Dan Drywall’s drywall patching can tackle any of those jobs with expert drywall patching service.

We do both commercial and residential drywall patching. We can clean up any wall that may have fallen victim to a coworker showing off their karate skills, or from your teenager “accidentally” lighting fireworks in the house. We have you covered!

Drywall patching is one of those things most people just never get to, because they do not have the time. Let us take care of it for you. We will get the job done right and at a fair price. Our professional staff will get your home’s walls patched so you do not have to explain to your dinner guests that your child tried sledding down the stairs!

We know that it is especially important for businesses to look their best, and when customers can see drywall that needs repair, it reflects badly on the business as a whole. You do not want to lose business and get a bad reputation around Reno, NV just because you need simple drywall patching. Let us help!

Contact Sir Dan Drywall today for expert drywall patching services. We can make any space look brand new again for an affordable price. We look forward to your call!